Choosing the Right Eating and Drinking Aids For the Elderly

happy family enjoying dinner in garden
Woman smiling at dinner table

Seniors who live independently can greatly improve their meal preparation and eating experiences with the right kitchen and eating aids. Older adults struggling with conditions such as arthritis, muscle weakness and issues that limit mobility often find that certain products make mealtime a lot more pleasant. Let’s take a look at what some of these aids are.

Utensils for Eating and Cooking

For those who find it difficult to hold standard eating utensils for the duration of a meal, it’s worthwhile to seek out forks, knives and spoons that include comfort-grip handles. The same goes for utensils used for cooking. Any utensils that make it easier to grip and hold are worth checking out.

Microwave Meal Helpers

Many seniors are used to having a microwave in the kitchen. This oven may be used quite frequently, especially when meals are being made for one or two people. Look for products that help make using a microwave simpler, faster and safer.

For example, microwaves can make dishes too hot to handle. To help avoid potentially hazardous dishes, seniors can use a microwave dish caddy that features handles that remain cool to the touch. Instead of handling heavy plates and bowls, an entire meal can be cooked or warmed up in stackable microwave trays with lids. These trays make it easy to prepare meals ahead of time for weekly meal planning.

senior woman drinking through a straw

Lids, Spouts and Straws

Sometimes, a simple modification can make a big difference. For instance, you can find drinking glasses, cups and mugs featuring lids that allow for a straw. Other lids include an opening for sipping beverages. These can help prevent accidental spills and annoying drips. Likewise, a set of milk spouts can make it easier to pour milk from a jug without making a mess. You may also want to start using reusable drinking straws made from stainless steel, glass and other materials, which make drinking beverages so much easier for many people.

Can and Jar Openers

Every kitchen has at least one can opener, and if seniors are still using one that requires lots of hand strength, it may be time to swap it out for a better version. These days, you can find modern hands-free can openers that run on battery power and do much of the opening work. Opening jars is another challenging task that can cause discomfort. Jar lids are notoriously hard to remove, even for younger people. The solution is to find an ergonomically designed jar opener that requires very little muscle strength to use.

Adult Bibs and Napkin Clips

Seniors with mobility issues may find it difficult to enjoy a meal without spilling food onto their clothing. Needless to say, this can be embarrassing and frustrating for them. Adult bibs are an easy solution. They are large enough to cover the entire front torso area, helping to avoid food stains on tops. Alternatively, you can opt for napkin clips, which are two clips attached to a sturdy lanyard. Simply clip a large napkin at both ends to form a disposable bib.

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