Celebrating Mother’s Day with Your Senior Mother

joyful adult daughter greeting happy surprised senior mother in garden

Make Your Senior Mom’s Mother’s Day Special With These Gift Ideas

Woman surprising her mother with a gift

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, and when it arrives, you want to make mom feel good by giving her a gift that is sure to be something she can appreciate. Moms who are seniors have a lifetime worth of nostalgic memories, and they also have current needs and desires. When you consider what kind of items your mom would enjoy receiving this Mother’s Day, focus on her lifestyle to narrow down your choices.

Here are some gift ideas to get you started.

Nostalgic Candy

Back in the day when your mom was a kid, she probably enjoyed eating candy that was popular with both kids and adults. These old-fashioned candies often spark fond memories of yesteryear, and if your mom has a sweet tooth, you can surprise her with some nostalgic favorites such as jellied orange slices, fruit-flavored dark chocolate sticks, filled raspberry candies and other sweet treats.

Comfortable Seating

At home, it’s common for your mom, and other family members, to spend long periods of time lounging in chairs. Your mom may have a favorite recliner or chair she often sits in. You can easily make her day by ramping up the comfort level of her chairs by choosing a pressure reducing chair cushion, a leather lumbar cushion, or perhaps, a cushy booster cushion. These cushions can provide relief for mom’s back, neck and shoulders or bottom.

Woman holding a weight while sitting on the floor

Safe Moderate Exercise

Regular exercise is essential for helping seniors to stay fit and in good health. Whether your mom is active or mobility challenged, you can find exercise equipment that suits her unique physical needs. For instance, seniors can stay seated and still get in a good workout with a folding pedal exerciser or durable stability ball. She can even lay down and let this zero-gravity exerciser do all of the work.

Relaxing Aromatherapy

If your mom is someone who enjoys pleasant aromas at home, or you think she can use some help with removing stress from her life, consider getting her aromatherapy products. Choose a diffuser and one or more essential oils. This Sleep & Relax blend is a good choice for getting her started on this rejuvenating journey.

Foot Care and Comfort

Maintaining good foot health is important for seniors when it comes to mobility, and you can make it easier for her to take good care of her feet with the following gift ideas. When she’s relaxing she can cushion her feet inside of these foot pillows. This heated foot spa is going to help make her tired feet feel so good. Your mom can groom her own toenails just like the professionals with her very own pedicure set. Or find mom a comfortable pair of Easy On shoes to wear.

Man and woman cooking together

Convenient Kitchen Helpers

Seniors need to take extra care when preparing meals in the kitchen. There are various types of kitchen aids that can make her time spent there easier and safer. You can combine a useful tool like a hands-free can opener with kitchen essential items such as a decorative mug.

Therapeutic Bracelet and More

Help your mom boost her circulation and reduce discomfort with a cool magnetic bracelet. She may also appreciate being able to keep track of time during the evening hours with a glow in the dark watch.

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