10 Must-Have Mobility Daily Living Aids

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If you’re looking to stay mobile and active — and aren’t we all? — Easy Comforts has the senior mobility aids you need. Here are our top 10 mobility daily living aids to help keep you independent, active and on-the-go.

  • Fashion Folding Cane: This convenient folding cane will help keep you on the move. It features a contoured handle, wrist strap and rubber tip for maximum traction. Supporting up to 250 pounds and adjusting from 32 ½ to 37 inches, it also sports one of four stylish designs. Choose from black-and-white checks, polka dots or two floral patterns.
  • Wheelchair/Walker Saddlebag: Conveniently stash all your stuff to take with you in this seven-pocket saddlebag. It fits easily over a walker or wheelchair, and it’s also machine washable.
  • Walker Coasters: Stay active with this set of two walker coasters, enabling walkers to easily maneuver over multiple types of surfaces. The sturdy plastic construction and O-ring for securing coasters in place make these coasters invaluable for anyone using a walker.
  • Easy Grip Reacher: Avoid bending and over-reaching with this handy grip reach tool. It extends your reach by 31 inches and enables you to use your full hand strength to grab objects weighing up to 5 pounds.
  • Off-Road Walker Kit: Enjoy walking on any surface with this off-road kit. Simply secure the wheels to you walker’s front legs, and you can take on grassy surfaces, dirt paths and more. The legs adjust from 6 to 13 inches for your convenience.
  • Portable Help Step: Use this durable step around your apartment or home to reach high shelves, get in and out of vehicles and more. It adds 4 inches of height and folds flat, with a built-in carry handle for maximum portability.
  • Walker Basket: Fit this vinyl-coated steel basket onto your walker, and easily carry around your purse or other belongings. It measures 16 inches by 7 inches and is 5 ½ inches deep. The hook-and-loop fasteners allow you to fit it inside or outside your walker — whichever works best for you.
  • Handy Cane Seat: Don’t let reduced mobility get in the way of going places. Use this handy cane with a fold-down seat that supports up to 250 pounds. Unfold the cane to create a three-legged stool and rest on the seat when you need to. This is great for taking to craft fairs, shopping malls, concerts and more.
  • Portable Ramp: Need an incline to get up stairs or curbs? This portable ramp provides a traction surface and supports up to 600 pounds, so you can easily use it as a wheelchair or walker ramp.
  • Easy Rise Walker: Maintain your independence with this walker, specially designed to help you stand up from a sitting position with confidence. Lower and upper rails provide support when sitting or standing. This walker supports up to 300 pounds.

For more information about improving mobility for seniors and staying active, check out our mobility blogs. Easy Comforts also offers a wide range of other daily living aids like bed accessories, reading and vision aids, kitchen and eating aids and more.

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