How to Plan Unique Activities for Seniors in the Springtime

Laughing senior woman using a hula hoop

Springtime Activity Ideas for Seniors

Spring is a great time to get active, especially as the days start to get longer and warmer. Easy Comforts has some great activity ideas for seniors. Check out these unique activities for seniors to do in the spring.

  • Enjoy gardening or visit botanical gardens. There’s nothing like nurturing a plant and watching it grow to boost your mood. Spring a great time to get out the gardening equipment and plant something, even if it’s just in pots that sit on a patio. However, not everyone has a green thumb. A good alternative is to visit local botanical gardens and see what’s blooming there.
Senior woman smiling and touching flowers
  • Cheer on local teams. Seniors who love sports can really get into a professional or minor league baseball or softball game. Maybe there’s even a budding athlete in the family to cheer on. Even if seniors don’t know anyone on the team, they might enjoy watching a school basketball or tennis game. This is a great way to get out of the house.
  • Take a hike. Visit a local nature trail, park or even a fun neighborhood, and just take a walk. You’d be amazed how much good fresh air and sunshine can do for the mind and body. If a senior is wheelchair bound, you might search for wheelchair-accessible trails in the area.
  • Have a day at the park. Pack up a picnic lunch, some balls, a frisbee and maybe even a hula hoop, and spend the day outdoors. Spring is a great time to get active and enjoy some time outside.
laughing senior woman using a hula hoop
  • Hit a local farmer’s market. Spend time outdoors and get your fruits and vegetables at the same time! Spring is typically the start of farmer’s market season for local farmers who carry produce and plants. Look up some nearby markets and explore.
  • Find a live show. Live theater and concerts abound in most areas. Explore what’s available and grab some tickets. Local senior centers may even offer bus tours, so seniors can enjoy the ride and socialize with others on the way there.
  • Feed the birds. Spring is a great time to make or buy a bird feeder. They attract many birds in all seasons, and the birds are fun to watch.
  • Take some photos. You can find a local photography class to take, or just find a pretty outdoor spot where you can experiment with photography. Your beautiful photos will provide long-lasting memories you can relive even when the weather turns blustery.
  • Visit a local farm. Many farms offer tours ­— either guided or unguided. Check the newspaper or do an online search to find out what’s available in your area. You may find berry or apple picking farms or petting farms. Both kinds are great to explore.
  • Do some cleaning. This might not sound like fun, but spring is a great time to clean your living space. Organize belongings, donate what’s no longer needed and make space for new things. Creating an organized space and freeing oneself from clutter can provide a great sense of accomplishment.

Take a drive. This activity is great for almost all seniors, including those with limited mobility. Choose a destination — maybe something an hour or so away — and take a day trip. You can go for lunch or dinner, see a show, do some shopping or just cruise through an old neighborhood.

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