Safety Tips For Seniors: Bathroom Falling & Injury Prevention

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Protecting Seniors From Common Bathroom Slipping and Injuries

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Seniors are often at high risk of experiencing a slip and fall injury while using the bathroom at home. This is scary when you consider that many seniors live alone and may not have a way of receiving immediate assistance after being injured in a fall. Taking a proactive approach to senior safety in the bathroom can help prevent these incidents. The following tips can make the bathroom a secure place for seniors of any age.

Neatly organized bathroom shelves

Get Rid of Clutter and Potential Obstacles

Look around the bathroom space and look for items that could be cluttering up the space unnecessarily. Storage space is limited in the bathroom, and there may be a tendency to place items on the floor that can lead to tripping and falling in the bathroom. For instance, cleaning supplies may be haphazardly sitting on the floor. All supplies should be placed in a cabinet, on a shelf or in a storage container that does not obstruct walking paths.

Shower and Bathtub Safety

Many seniors like to hop in the shower to enjoy cleansing underneath a refreshing stream of water. Unfortunately, many accidents in the bathroom happen while seniors are focusing on their shower cleansing routine. A shower over a bathtub can create a very slippery surface for moving around. Bathrooms with a shower stall may have surfaces that are less slippery, but they don’t fully protect seniors from having an awkward fall in the shower. One solution is to place a non-slip shower mat inside the tub or stall. Another safety idea is to install a portable shower stool or transfer bench for seniors to sit on while showering. Seniors with mobility issues may appreciate the installation of a handheld showerhead that includes an easy way to adjust the water temperature.

Image of a hand holding a bathroom wall handle bar

Install Grab Bars

Slip and fall incidents tend to happen suddenly, so it’s essential to ensure seniors have something they can grab ahold of quickly to break their fall. Grab bars are made for such incidents, and are easy to install. The two most important places to install them are the shower or tub and the area near the toilet. For the tub or shower you can find grab bars with powerful suction cups that keep the bar securely in place without the need for tools.

Install Toilet Support

Some seniors have more severe mobility issues and a grab bar near the toilet isn’t enough to ensure their safety. For these seniors, installing some type of toilet support is the best solution. A toilet support consists of a sturdy frame with sturdy bars and padded handles. Some designs are adjustable, and some are foldable. These support frames are designed to support ones’ weight as they sit down or stand up.

Non-slip Mats and Rugs for the Floor

When it comes to safety, preventing a catastrophic slip and fall accident is more important than keeping a matching set of decorative bathroom mats/rugs with no traction. Some rugs can easily become a tripping hazard and it’s better to find styles that don’t easily move when stepped on.

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