Bathroom Safety Tips and Modifications for Seniors

Handheld Shower Head

Of all the rooms in your home, the one that usually contains the most potential dangers is the bathroom. This small space might seem unassuming, but it can pose risks due to slippery surfaces. In addition, a high level of mobility is often required to navigate the bathroom, such as when getting in and out of the tub or shower. In short, there can be a lot of potential hazards in the bathroom – especially for seniors.

Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be the case. With the right tips and modifications, you can turn your bathroom into a safer, easier-to-use environment. Here are a few bathroom safety tips and bathroom modifications for the elderly you can consider implementing in a loved one’s home or your own.

Help Eliminate Slippery Floors with Well-Placed Mats

Between showers and sinks, a lot of water flows through your bathroom! This water can create slipping hazards, especially during or after showers or baths. With well-placed bathmats and shower mats, you can create safe bathrooms for seniors and reduce risks during showers for the elderly. Adding a non-slip bathmat to the inside of your shower gives your feet additional traction and helps keep the inside of your shower from being a slippery place. Outside of the shower, adding a soft, absorbent bathmat to the bathroom floor can help soak up any water that spills out, reducing risks caused by slippery tiles.

Choose a Walk-In Shower

While showers with tubs might be a more common option, walk-in showers for seniors can be a safer choice to avoid any hazards caused by needing to step over the tub wall. If you do have to step into a tub, a sturdy bath step can make it easier to get in and out.

Install Handrails for Something to Hold Onto

Bathrooms don’t generally have a lot of handrails to hold onto. However, bathrooms tend to require a lot of rising and sitting down, as well as extended standing in the shower. Installing a rail in the shower or next to the toilet can be a big help. Installing permanent metal bars outside of the bathtub or shower is a good option, as these sturdy and durable bars can assist you in standing upright or help you get up from the toilet. Toilet aids offer many good solutions to make comfort and safety a top priority as well. 

Another great option is to invest in several suction grip tub assist bars in your bath for seniors, as these can be placed wherever you need them. They can be customized from person to person and can create a safer space for your unique needs at an affordable price.

install permanent metal bars

Toilet Risers for Added Support

Toilet risers are a fantastic choice when it comes to making safety adjustments to your bathroom. These support bars are added to the area around your toilet so that you have bars to hold onto. These convenient handrails also offer support when you need to stand up, and they help you do so without straining yourself. Affordable, foldable and easy to use, these support options can be a great choice for creating a safer bathroom.

These are just a few of our tips and recommendations for creating the safest bathroom possible. Your unique needs might mean that you need different modifications, but fortunately, Easy Comforts offers a wide variety of bathroom accessories and aids for your needs. Take a look and find what works best for you.

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