Knee & Ankle Pain

The Facts

Over the course of our lives, our knees and ankles are under constant assault from everyday movement. It may not seem like much, but years’ worth of walking, running and basic activity can leave a painful, cumulative mark on the joints and bones in these areas. For athletes or other highly active people, this can happen much more quickly with extended use or injury of the knees and ankles. Sprains, tears, tendonitis, dislocations and muscle or ligament issues can all cause severe pain all along an individual’s knee or ankle, and are all too common. Around 23,000 ankle sprains occur each day in the U.S., with one in five ankle injuries leading to long-term, chronic pain. When paired with other chronic issues like arthritis, many people can find it increasingly more difficult to maneuver later in life.

Living with Knee & Ankle Pain

When it comes to ankle and knee pain, the best medicine is preventing an injury from happening in the first place. Simple exercises, stretching, yoga and maintaining a healthy diet can aid in strengthening knee and ankle joints without putting them at risk. Wearing a knee or ankle brace for more rigorous activity can also give joints and muscles the support they need. Once knee or ankle pain happens, though, the best immediate remedies can be the old-fashioned ones. Rest, ice, compression, elevation (R.I.C.E.) and basic over-the-counter pain relievers can work wonders to cure temporary pain. For more chronic pain, finding the root cause is essential, which usually means a trip to the doctor. With proper medical help and lifestyle changes, knee and ankle pain can be managed.

How Easy Comforts Can Help

To help ease both short-term and chronic knee or ankle pain, Easy Comforts has a wide selection of products available. For support and confident walking, Easy Comforts has a vast variety of ankle and knee braces. Whether it’s magnetic lining to help with circulation, a knit support for affordable sturdiness or a bamboo weave for comfort and breathability, there’s a brace and material available for every need. For pain relief, topical creams and warming gels can help soothe away soreness. If rest is the goal, Easy Comforts also has a unique variety of full body pillows, wraparound foot pillows and knee-support cushions.

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