Living with Incontinence

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Most people treat incontinence, or having problems controlling when to go to the bathroom or the ability to “hold it in,” as an embarrassing, guarded secret. For many, the first time it happens is confusing and isn’t always in an ideal setting. However, incontinence is a widespread condition with a range of causes, affecting one third of men and women ages 30-70 at some point in their lives. Sometimes people can experience a loss of bladder control when they stress certain muscles, usually when coughing or laughing too hard. Other times, it’s caused by muscle spasms around the bladder, which can be made worse with multiple pregnancies, obesity or even genetic muscle weakness. While some forms of incontinence are circumstantial and temporary, others associated with old age can be more permanent.

Fortunately, there’s usually some way to manage incontinence depending on the type a person may be going through. With the exception of some severe cases, around 80% of those dealing with incontinence can be cured. For many, pelvic muscle exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, can significantly help reduce instances of incontinence. In other cases, doctor-prescribed medicine can help control sudden urges or help the bladder empty more fully during urination. Surgery is also available for incontinence caused by physical blockages or a shifted bladder, but should rarely be seen as the first and only option. But the most important step to take, regardless of the type of incontinence, is to visit a doctor. By consulting a physician, an individual can learn what their options are and how to best live with incontinence, namely with the cost. For people above the age of 65 alone, the societal cost of incontinence in the U.S. was $26.3 billion annually. With this in mind, finding the best value for incontinence products is key to having a happy, healthy life.

How Easy Comforts Can Help

Easy Comforts offers a wide array of affordable products to make living with incontinence comfortable. Incontinence briefs and panties provide the confidence to go out and enjoy life without always searching for the nearest restroom, while cleaning wipes and sprays allow for better hygiene and quick clean up in case of an accident. For an on-the-go solution for men, Easy Comforts also provides several options for suspensory urinal kits and supplies. Bed pads and disposable underpants are also available to protect valuable mattresses and furniture, potentially saving hundreds of dollars down the line.

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