6 Must-Have Dressing Aids for Independent Living

Senior woman putting her husband's slipper on his foot

Independent Living Must-Haves: 6 Essential Dressing Aids for Seniors

Senior woman putting her husband's slipper on his foot

There are a variety of issues that can crop up when seniors are getting dressed for the day or evening. What used to be easy may now be a bit more challenging. Common tasks such as putting on a pair of socks and shoes may take longer due to conditions such as arthritis, diabetes or injury. But seniors living independently can do something to make getting dressed a lot easier to do: find the best dressing aid solutions. We are sharing our recommendations for dressing aids here to help get you started.

Sock and Stocking Helpers

What can one do when something as simple as putting on socks or stockings causes discomfort? The solution is simple: Choose one of the clever tools that take the strain out of pulling socks and hosiery up the leg. In addition to aiding with the pulling part, they can also keep you from having to bend over. Sock and stocking aids come in different designs, but they all work in a similar way. Some use a frame structure while others use a pole with a pulling tool at the end.

someone using a shoe horn to put their shoe on

Put Shoes On Easily

At some point, just about everyone has experienced the difficulty of putting on a pair of shoes. However, seniors may struggle with getting their shoes on more and more as they age. Fortunately, an old favorite – the shoehorn – is always handy to make this task easier. Simply slide the end of the shoehorn behind the heel and gently ease the foot into the shoe for a snug fit. Having a set of different sized shoehorns means that there’s always one that is sure to work for any type of shoe or boot.

Flexible Shoelaces

Seniors living with arthritis in the hands or who find tying shoelaces uncomfortable for any reason need a shoelace upgrade. Remove those stiff, standard shoelaces and replace them with flexible shoelaces. These improved shoelaces are made of stretch materials such as elastic or silicone. Seniors have two great options to choose from: Go with elastic shoelaces that require tying at least once or choose the no-tie shoelaces that never need tying. Both styles allow you to slip your foot into a shoe without the need to tie and untie laces.

Button and Zipper Tool

Another tool that is a big help for seniors struggling to maneuver buttons or securely hold zippers is the button and zipper tool. The loop tool for grabbing a button is at one end, and the small hook for grasping ahold of zippers is at the opposite end. This portable tool does most of the pulling work for you.

jewelry clasps

Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

Seniors can continue wearing their favorite jewelry pieces without hassling with those small, stubborn clasps with the help of magnetic jewelry clasps. Simply attach both magnetic clasps to both ends of the jewelry chain, and then use the invisible magnetic field to securely close the chain.

Removable Shoe Grippers

With winter weather comes the increased risk of slip-and-fall accidents on icy walkways and steps. Removable shoe covers with metal spike grippers can help prevent serious injuries. Just slip them on over shoes before going outside!

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